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Free shipping on orders over $20
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"I’ve been allergic to EVERY deodorant out there. This is a reorder of your deodorant, and I can’t tell you how much I love it and feel so grateful to have something that works so well and is all natural. Thank you!" — Anne, CA
"Wow! The healing salve is amazing! It is soothing my face and arm breakouts AND it cleared up my son’s eczema in 1 day where other products weren’t working. Yay!" Heather, TX
"I have been trying to get my hubby to try your awesome deodorant for a year now. He was finally convinced of it’s awesomeness when he wore it on a day that he went golfing followed by a good strong workout. HE LOVES IT!! I had to smell his pits because he wanted to show me how great it worked for him! HAHAHA! I TOLD HIM SO!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work." — Tiffany, CA

"Just a note of appreciation for your dedication to your products & business - it shows! I received my order so fast...I was blown away. Your promptness & attention to detail is outstanding. I will be sharing your business with others & look forward to trying other products in the future!" — Samantha, NY

 But enough about us...we trust you'll find our passion for purity in the quality and simplicity of our ingredients and recipes. Whether you're looking for an easy way to begin your natural path or continuing a commitment to use organic and eco-friendly products, we're here to help out. We are so grateful for all of our lovely customers!