Our Story

I always knew that my body was sensitive to toxins, but after a near-death experience from a misplaced epidural and 12 hours of narcotics to induce delivery, I went into heart failure as my heart had been paralyzed (numbed) from all the drugs in my bloodstream. I miraculously recovered without any heart damage and with my health in tact. With a new baby, and 2 more babies to follow in the next 3 years, I was determined to do everything in my power (and budget) to put only pure ingredients in our bodies and on our skin. I wasn't satisfied with most natural products as they still had fragrance, foaming agents, and other chemical preservatives. One-by-one over the years, I began formulating products that our family used daily using only pure ingredients from the earth. After years of my friends lovingly joking about my hippy status, I decided to share these 'tried and true' products and The Healing Hippy was born. It is my goal that you come to trust in our products knowing that they are effective, affordable, and most importantly, safe for the whole family!