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5 Tips to Better Camping

We are big fans of outdoor activities, including tent camping.  Our Junior Chief Hippy just spent a week on the shores of Lake Superior, here are her Top 5 Tips to get you through your tent adventures! 1. Take a vinyl shower curtain to lay underneath your tent. Check the Dollar Stores for this cheap footprint that keeps water and muck out – you know, just in case it rains. It is also sturdy and easy to wash and reuse. 2.Make your own bug spray! Or if you aren’t yet in to mixing your own essential oils, there are many on the market right now (The Healing Hippy will have one by fall.) Mosquitoes and other flying pests are not...

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Earth Day 2018

Whoohoo, it’s Earth Day!  April 22 each year is the day set aside to celebrate our planet and our role in saving her. Here at the Healing Hippy we are committed to reduce our plastic waste as a company. From our packaging to our containers we are working towards a lesser plastic presence. We focus on what we put on our bodies and now it is time to focus what we put on the Earth. It’s a process, but we are committed. Are you looking for ways to reduce your impact?  Here’s some suggestions: Say no to plastic straws- If you enjoy drinking out of a straw consider carrying a reusable stainless-steel straw Get a reusable water bottle- Find a...

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