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Resolution Check-in

It’s the end of April already. We thought this would be a good time to check in and see how everybody’s goals are going. How are your goals going? Have you made progress, efforts, or plans for them so far this year? This check-in is about accountability. It’s not to make you feel bad. There is no pressure or guilt here. If there is one thing we know, it’s that goals change, and sometimes it takes a conversation to notice that’s the case. Think of this as the conversation. Take some time answering the questions we ask. You don’t need to share the answers with anybody but yourself, which means there is no need to sugarcoat any of it. Answer honestly and be open with yourself.

So, first questions first. How are your goals going? Do you remember the goals you set at the beginning of the year, or did you set them and forget them? If you set them and forget them, that’s okay. When we set goals and then promptly forget they were even on a list, we interpret that as it’s not a goal right now. Look at that goal again and make a decision. If you realize it’s a no-go, then seriously, let it go. If you are anything like us, we feel it must get done if it’s on the list. If you’ve decided it’s not a goal right now, take it off the list and don’t feel bad about it. The fun thing about goals is they can be set at any time. Which means they can also be changed.

Next question, has your goal morphed into something else? This question is for those of you who have been clipping along. Sometimes plans change, and we have to stop and think about them to realize that is the case. Change is good, especially when it happens naturally. We think of it as a level up to our original plan. A plan that matches our true intentions more closely. When we take time to notice the change, we can begin to work to fit the new goal. It may help with roadblocks or things that just don’t “feel right.” Trust your instinct and make the change. It’s worth it.

Maybe you are working on your goals and smashing them. Our question for you is, what is the next step or the next goal? Take the time to be proud of what you’ve accomplished first. You don’t need to start the process of goal planning just yet. Take some time in the present, enjoy how it feels to meet a goal. Once you feel satisfied, which could be days, months, or even years, figure out the next steps.

Goals come and go. They change and morph into something else, or we get them done and set another one. Some days we can focus on those goals. Some days we have to set them aside and do what we can in the present. Wherever you are with your plans right now, tell yourself it’s okay. Taking the time to ask yourself the hard questions and adjust as you need to is progress towards meeting your goals, whatever they may be. We just wanted to check in and act as a point of accountability. We know it’s easier to make progress when you have a strong community behind you. Let us be part of that community for you. We support you. We support your goals. We want to see you succeed. You’ve got this!

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