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Dry Brushing Information

Dry Brushing....what’s that? 

We started a dry brushing routine and we adore it. It’s not something we had heard of either, but with our diving in to all-natural treatments for our body, it came up.  With some research, it looked like a perfect thing to add to our repertoire, and we’re so glad we did. Finding the right dry brush, with the right consistency and feel was a challenge, but we did it, and we’re offering it to you in an easy travel size. Read on to learn more about dry brushing and its’ benefits.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

  • Exfoliation- The dry bristles of the brush work as a safe exfoliant on your skin. We suggest dry brushing as you stand in your shower, before you turn on the water. All those dead skin cells gotta go somewhere, down the drain is the easiest clean-up for you.
  • Lymphatic Drainage- The lymphatic system is a network of vessels just beneath the skin that carries Lymph fluid through your body. The act of dry brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and aid in clot reduction, circulation, and drainage. Keep it moving, sister!
  • Blood Circulation- Much in the same way dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system it also promotes blood circulation. The increased blood circulation enhances your skin’s coloring and health.
  • Nervous System Stimulation- Dry brushing stimulates the nerves in your skin, the friction leaves you feeling invigorated. A great way to wake up or get an energy boost, when needed.

Now you know you want it, how do you begin?

  • Find a hard surface, again, we recommend your bathtub, for easy cleanup of dead skin cells that fall during the process.
  • To brush, start with your legs and move in long motions toward your heart.
  • Brush over each area multiple times, overlap as you go.
  • Be gentle as you brush over sensitive areas, but don’t forego them, they’ll become less sensitive over time.
  • When finished shower and moisturize.


Dry Brushing Tips

  • Because the process stimulates and provides energy, dry brush in the morning, if you plan to sleep well, this isn’t a bedtime routine.
  • For added moisture, apply essential oils to bristles before brushing
  • Go gentle when you begin, your skin isn’t used to this yet. Use a natural loofah to start and move up to the brush.



With every Dry Brush purchase, we provide an instruction card. The card diagrams the movements and includes the process and tips.

Welcome to the world of Dry Brushing, we think you’ll love it!