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Combat Winter Blues

It is February, which for most of us, means it is the middle of a cold, gray winter. A couple of months of winter have already passed, a couple more are still to come, regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil thinks. If you are anything like us, keeping up the motivation, positivity, and joy that came with the new year is proving to be difficult. It has a name, the winter blues. It’s okay, Girl, we get it too. Here are a few of our tips on finding that motivation and positive energy when the sun refuses to shine.

Simulate Sunshine

The sun affects us more than we think; it provides us with precious nutrients that we now aren’t getting. On top of that, when the sun decides it’s done playing, our serotonin levels may decrease. These are both reasons the blues creep in. Here is what we suggest. Invest in a light therapy light, a couple of minutes a day in front of that baby will make a huge difference. Open your damn curtains. If you are anything like us, you cave yourself in during the colder months. Let in the natural light during the day, gray or not, the sun is still out there. Visit the tropical area of your local zoo or a plant shop, both have lights to simulate sunshine. They also both have plants that provide clean air, a couple of inhales of that naturally purified air would do us all some good.

Get Outside

Yes, it is gray, likely a little cold, but you have to get out there. Fresh air and exercise are so good for our bodies and brains. You can either make a day of it or just take a quick stroll around the block. Bundle up and get out there. Maybe try a winter sport you’ve never tried before. We also like to visit places we usually go in the summer to see the beauty the winter gives them. There is a local waterfall here that is pretty in the summer, but absolutely stunning in the winter. Step outside and explore, places you have been before are brand new in the winter.


It’s chilly, gets dark earlier, and everyone goes into a kind of hibernation. Socializing takes a little standstill in the winter. Every time we try to convince people to move to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, we joke, saying it is the only place where it is socially acceptable to hole yourself up for six months and not talk to anybody. It may be acceptable but possibly not the best for our souls. Communication is good for us. Try to schedule a social activity every week. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be as easy as a coffee meet up or inviting a friend to join you on your stroll. If meeting up in person isn’t an option because of the weather, give somebody a call just to chat.

The winter blues can be a lot. Ultimately, we want you to know you aren’t alone. Give these a try and see how they help. Instead of treating winter as a time to shut in, act as though it’s summer but add a coat! There is so much to do, even in the cold and gray, give it a shot!

*What we offered above are suggestions to mitigate the impact they have on you, not medical advice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor if you are experiencing strong emotions. *

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