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The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenging feat. We think gift giving is one of the hardest things expected of adults, at least in the top ten. Finding a gift to please your best friend and another to please your Aunt Susan are on two very different spectrums. On top of that there is always the one who says, “you don’t need to get me anything”, which they may actually mean, but we don’t trust that statement and don’t want to disappoint.  Isn’t that the crux of it all, we never want to disappoint?  We have a couple of suggestions to help you find gifts that will bring a smile to the giftees face and leave you feeling good about your gift giving abilities.

Find a gift that is unique. We don’t mean choosing a random gift, like an olive pit remover, though that might be helpful, we mean finding something that others haven’t thought about. None of us like to return gifts and we definitely don’t enjoy having to pretend that we don’t already have 10 cutting boards. Unique gifts are easy to come by, we suggest you look to your local makers. There are millions of artisans and crafters making a living, or even just a few extra bucks by offering their talents and services for sale. You may be surprised how many of these people live in your community. A maker could be a local beekeeper, the neighbor making jewelry boxes in his garage, the local business selling homemade soaps. If your community doesn’t offer many options, you can always find makers on the internet. Online, the possibilities are endless, and the people are the same as your local makers, they’ve just expanded who’s in their community. Support small business. If you’re unsure, look for their story.

Don’t be afraid to gift consumables. Food and skincare products make great gifts. Do you try not to gift one and done items, instead choosing something that can be used multiple times? This is great if you have the perfect useful item, but sometimes we miss the mark and that item ends up in the “junk drawer” next to the screw drivers and batteries. It happens. We combat this by giving a gift that will be enjoyed or in the very least, eaten. We are always surprised how happy people are to receive salamis or locally made jars of jam, these tend to be our go-to for gift giving. Items we always enjoy receiving include candles, lotions and chocolate, to name a few. Our gifts don’t need to last forever to be enjoyed.

Consider reevaluating your gift list. We are not suggesting cutting out your spouse or kids, but perhaps a holiday card is sufficient for others. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of gifting, and sometimes our list gets long. Look at the list again, perhaps cousin Nathan doesn’t still need to be on it. 

In the end, the holiday season is about being present, not giving presents. It is about making memories and spending time with family and friends, time that can be hard to find other times of the year. It is a time for celebration and joy, don’t let that get lost amongst the shopping and gift wrapping. Choose kindness as your gift, that will shine the brightest this holiday season.

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