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Valentine's Date Ideas

Another year, another Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day can be such a complicated day to plan for. While trying to juggle invitations for the kids, the normal work load, winter, in general, it is a day that can just sneak up on us. This would be fine, if it wasn’t the day we are supposed to commit to our partners (well, according to Hallmark and the rest of society!) We are strong believers in always showing your partner love, regardless of the day, but skipping out on the day where you are supposed to is not the best idea. We aren’t suggesting buying extravagant gifts or anything like that, but maybe a date night could be in order. Dinner and a movie is always a great date. If you are looking for a little more, here are some of our suggestions.

Buy tickets to a Show/Concert/Sporting Event

Going to an event that you don’t often go to can make the date a wonderful memory. If there is a show or sporting event you are interested in, get tickets. Doing something a little more exciting is a great way to spend time with your loved one. If there isn’t anything available in February or it just isn’t feasible at present, spend time together this Valentine’s planning the event you would like to attend.

Unique Activities

There are so many activities that may be off the beaten path. Here’s some we like: bowling, a trampoline park, an arcade, go-carting, mini-golf, a roller-skating rink, paint ball, a theme park, an escape room. Step away from the serious and find some fun. You don’t have to be good at the activity, just enjoy the time together with laughs and memories.

Learn Together

Find a class that you can do together. This may be an exercise class like yoga or kickboxing. It could be a cooking or painting class, if you want something creative. There are also classes for sailing or planting a garden. Pick a class that piques an interest in you both and go for it. It is always fun learning something new, it is even more fun together.

Get Outside

Take to the outdoors. Go hiking (or snowshoeing for a winter equivalent), skating, biking, canoeing, camping, surfing, skiing, boating. Spend a day in the sun (or snow) enjoying what nature has to offer. Fresh air and good company can’t go wrong there.

Start a Project

There are so many options here. Doing a project together can help build your communication as you work through plans and potential issues that may arise. Choose a project that you both can do together. You can choose something like painting a room, redoing your kitchen, making a quilt, building a boat. Doing a project together requires planning and teamwork. It is a great to see the finished results of all the efforts put in together.


Find a cause you both support and offer your time. Spend an evening together volunteering at the food bank or helping at the nursing home. Be sure to choose something you both care about so that it doesn’t feel like a chore for either partner. Spend time together while helping others.

Get Away

Get in the car and get away. If possible, take at least a weekend for yourselves. Go camping, take a road trip, fly to the ocean. Take a trip, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be far, it could be the town over. Find alone time away from home, this way you can’t be distracted by the to-do list. If you can’t find time right away spend an evening planning your next trip. Or plan your dream trip, pretend you have no limitations.

Theme Night

One year we opted for the most frugal Valentine’s we could find.  It was fun not spending money, Costco hotdogs, $5 movie night.  How cheap can you be? There are lots of great themes you could add to your night to make if fun.  Is it 50’s date night with a drive-in movie?  Is it elegant night?  Solve a mystery, go home to your old neighborhood.  Pick a theme and play it up.

Valentine’s is a great time to share your love with your partner, make it about them.  Have fun, get out and love one another.  And if you don’t have a Valentine, grab your best friend and have a Galentine’s night instead!

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