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Vision Board: How-To

We had a chat about goals last month and wanted to talk about a visual way to keep you motivated with a vision board. The idea behind a vision board is straightforward, create a visual representation of what you are working towards and place it somewhere you see it. This method can be used for any goal, personal, professional, family related. Whatever you would like to work towards or improve can be included, or you could create one for each. Vision boards help keep motivated, create a clear picture of what you want, and are fun to make. We have a couple of tips on how to create a vision board that works for you. We are all different, so what works for us may not work for you. We have suggestions for you to find what works.

How to Make a Vision Board

Traditionally, a vision board is a collage of photos representing where you would like to be. If your goal is to save money for a vacation, you may create a board with images from the place you would like to visit and quotes about relaxing. You can go with the collage route, but we know that doesn't fit everybody's aesthetic or interest. A vision board could be a list of words that drive you. It could be a quote that you write on your bathroom mirror or a drawing or painting that inspires you. We are firm believers in following what works for you. It would be silly to put limitations on how a vision board looks. Even if the traditional take of the collage board isn't your thing, that's okay. Find a visual representation, in whatever form, that keeps your moving forward.

Where to Place your Vision Board

A vision board's goal is to keep you motivated and only works if you can see it consistently. A few places we recommend are your work desk, in the bathroom by your mirror, or on your nightstand. Sometimes you may be working on goals privately and don't really need others to see it, right? We understand that. Your vision board can be kept in a notebook,  your wallet, your daily planner, the cover of a binder. Again, there are no rules, no right, and wrong. If placing it just above your computer screen is the best way to keep motivated, go for it. If putting it in your wallet to carry with you as you run errands and go about your day is what feels best, that's great. Wherever you choose to place it, we encourage you to look at it at least once a day to remind you of what you want.

When to change your Vision Board

Vision boards only serve their purpose as long as they are relevant. If you look at your vision board and it no longer gives you the spark it once did, it's time to revise. We are ever-changing, so that means our goals are ever-changing. Maybe your dream vacation changed from Fiji to Sweden, a vision board of tropical beaches would no longer be relevant. Even if it's just a small change to your goal, change it on your board. Rework the visual representation as often as you need to. The purpose of the board is to motivate and inspire you. Make the small changes, or scrap it altogether and start over.

We aren't the first to discuss the vision board. We know that. The main takeaway we are trying to make is that there are no rules. Your vision board can be a collage you hang on your wall or a single word written on a piece of paper you carry in your wallet. The point is visualization. Create a clear picture in your head and create something that reminds you of that picture. Remember, to reach our goals; it is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time. There will be moments of doubt, and it's not always easy, but you are getting closer. So, keep moving forward. Little progress is still progress.  

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