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Winter Activities for all Climates

We realized as we were working on our blog list that we wanted to discuss winter activities, but at the same time realized that we don’t all live in the same climates! Haley lives in snowy, cold Minnesota while Shelley winters someplace warmer. We actually make a point to ask what the other did during the day when we talk on the phone because it couldn’t be more opposite. One of us went ice skating while the other strolled the beach. How do we recommend winter activities when our climates are oh so different? We talk generals with a few examples, and you put it into practice the way that works best for you.

Get Outside

Regardless of climate, winter still means colder temperatures and maybe some inclement weather. This combination makes it a little more challenging to get outside. Or, at least it takes a bit more coaxing than usual. We get that, so we recommend you make it more interesting. Instead of just going on a walk around the block, try to make it an outing. Grab your ice skates, or take a trip to the mountains for some skiing. If it’s just snowed, make a snowman and have a snowball fight. Yes, you, the adult, have a snowball fight. If your weather is a little less snowy, take a trip to the beach or the lake. Have a campfire. Learn how to make sandcastles. Maybe strap on some rollerblades and explore your area. The weather may be chilly, but there is still so much to see out there. The winter requires us to make a few preparations before we step out the door, that’s all.


Some days, the weather is simply too gross to get outside. Also, the early dusk makes outdoor evening activities a challenge. We recommend making something with your own two hands. The act of creation is so good for our brains and our emotions. Creating can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. We are a family of makers, so this is our favorite way to spend the winter. Knit a hat, build a canoe, take up watercolor or paper art. Choose a medium and get to it. This is all about the act of creating. We aren’t worried about the outcome or what it will lead to. Create to create, nothing more, nothing less. When you keep your hands active, it keeps your brain active as well. The goal is solace, start there and enjoy the process.


Winter is all about resting up in our house. We refer to it as hibernation because that is a little what it is. It is socially acceptable in Minnesota to reject a social outing because it’s just too cold outside. So, we hibernate. It’s like a recharge for all of the excitement the other three seasons bring. Take the time to rest. The sun goes down earlier. Consider adjusting your bedtime to accommodate. Take it easy, read a book, keep it chill. Once the weather decides to play again, you will be ready to get out there and enjoy it. 

The winter weather and gray skies can bring some gray emotions. We want to acknowledge that and let you know you are not alone. The activities above are actions we take to fight those winter blues. Some of these activities are only available during winter, so we find joy in them while we can. The writer behind this spends winter in the tundra. If I missed something for you warmer weather peeps, I want you to know it wasn’t intentional! Focus on getting outside, creating, and resting. It makes for a beautiful winter.

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