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Earth Day 2018

Whoohoo, it’s Earth Day!  April 22 each year is the day set aside to celebrate our planet and our role in saving her.

Here at the Healing Hippy we are committed to reduce our plastic waste as a company. From our packaging to our containers we are working towards a lesser plastic presence. We focus on what we put on our bodies and now it is time to focus what we put on the Earth. It’s a process, but we are committed.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your impact?  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Say no to plastic straws- If you enjoy drinking out of a straw consider carrying a reusable stainless-steel straw
  • Get a reusable water bottle- Find a reusable water bottle that you really enjoy and be sure to carry it with you everywhere that you go. Or better yet, have more than one and keep one everywhere that you may need it, in the car, on your work desk, in your gym bag.
  • Coffee tumbler- In the same aspect as the water bottle find a coffee tumbler that you enjoy and take that with you into the coffee shops. The baristas don’t mind using those instead and most coffee shops offer a cup discount for providing your own.
  • Carry a cutlery set- This one doesn’t seem as obvious but carrying a cutlery set will reduce the chance of you needing to use the plastic cutlery that you get with take out. 
  • Grocery Bags- Get sturdy reusable grocery bags that are easy to clean, that way you don’t have to have as many. Leave the bags in your car so that your last-minute trip to the grocery store doesn’t leave you bagless
  • Linen produce bags- Instead of using the plastic bags provided at the store for your apples and potatoes invest in a set of linen produce bags. Once home, remove your produce and store the bags in your reusable grocery bags. 
  • RECYCLE- If you do end up using plastic, and let’s face it, it’s hard to avoid, please take the time to recycle them. Need more info on recycling in your area, consider visiting your local recycling facility in person

Want to know more about Earth Day?  Check out these sources:

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