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5 Tips to Better Camping

We are big fans of outdoor activities, including tent camping.  Our Junior Chief Hippy just spent a week on the shores of Lake Superior, here are her Top 5 Tips to get you through your tent adventures!

1. Take a vinyl shower curtain to lay underneath your tent. Check the Dollar Stores for this cheap footprint that keeps water and muck out – you know, just in case it rains. It is also sturdy and easy to wash and reuse.

2.Make your own bug spray! Or if you aren’t yet in to mixing your own essential oils, there are many on the market right now (The Healing Hippy will have one by fall.) Mosquitoes and other flying pests are not fond of strong scents. Look for natural sprays that have the most potent scents: peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and of course citronella, these should be mixed with equal parts apple cider vinegar and witch hazel; shake and spray away.

3.Pack a laundry bag, maybe even pack a couple. It is great to keep your dirty clothes from your clean clothes, especially if you have been hiking and may have attracted a pest or two (always check for ticks). Laundry bags are also great to carry odds and ends. We use the bags to carry our clothes from our campsite to the bathhouse, the last thing we want is to have accidentally dropped our personals on the trail.

4.Campfire cooking is not as bad as some make it seem. We’ll be sharing some of our favorites in the future. Hot dogs don’t have to be your staple food, unless that’s what you want. If you want to adventure into campfire cooking here is a list of kitchen essentials to pack; cutting board, small knife, pot & pan (that you don’t mind getting burnt on the outside), spatula, tongs, serving spoon, can opener, tin foil, and of course a way to make a fire. Your fire doesn’t have to be big, a combination of charcoal and wood give you consistent heat to cook all that you want; and if fire isn’t your thing, pack a Skottle, (they are amazing!)

5.Pack all of your cooking items and dry foods in plastic bins. We keep our items separate so that we can keep the food bin in the car (if you’re trying to avoid attracting critters, keep all foods in your car and out of your tent) and we keep our cooking utensils out but still safe from the elements. Packing other items such as clothes and extra blankets in plastic bins is also useful if you have the space to do so.

There are so many tips and tricks to make camping trips fun and worry free. These are just a few that make it easier for us to enjoy our time out in nature! With the 4th of July Holiday upon us, remember to #getoutside.  And don’t forget the sunscreen!

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