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Non-Toxic Cleaning for Health

Fall is just around the corner and with the school year beginning, cold and flu season can’t be far behind! Nobody likes to be sick, but keeping those germs at bay is a challenge. Keeping our littles healthy is even more challenging, no one really knows where those hands have been.  Our go-to is our Sanitizing Spray. Our Sanitizing spray is a great size for lunch boxes, backpacks, purses, and cars. We don’t leave the house without it!


Finding natural non-toxic products to use in our home and on our bodies is our mission at The Healing Hippy.  It can be a lot of work to walk past those aisles in the grocery store, after all, we know that Comet works, we watched our moms use it on every sink surface.  Now we know better. To keep our homes happy and germ free with natural non-toxic products is no more work than using toxic ones, we just have to search a bit further and farther for the right product. There are so many options, we thought we would share our personal favorite non-toxic, all natural household cleaners!

Vinegar and Baking soda are probably the two most efficient cleaners, add elbow grease and you can take out almost any carpet stain, eliminate the burnt gunk on the stove top and sweeten those nasty drain smells.  If you’re looking for more specialized cleaners, we have more suggestions.

Puracy All Purpose Cleaner is an all-natural cleaner that is great for any surface from kitchen counters to mirrors. It doesn’t streak, but our favorite thing about this product is the light and fresh smell of lime! No harsh chemical smell from this spray! We also use Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes for our surfaces. Both are great nontoxic options for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, door knobs included!

Our bathroom cleaning comes down to two products. The first is Method Bathroom Cleaner which has a delightful minty scent and handles soap scum like a boss! The other is Eco-Me Toilet Bowl Cleaner. A little goes a long way with this guy and matches the minty smell of the Method product, leaving the bathroom minty fresh!

Mrs. Meyers is our hands down go to for soaps! Hand soap, dish soap, Mrs. Meyers has us covered! These soaps also come in so many scents, our favorite is the Lemon Verbana. We are looking forward to trying these seasonal scents, Mum and Apple Cider, talk about a fall scent party!

We know it’s an effort to keep a non-toxic home, there are things we can’t forego, the paint and carpet, the very surfaces we live on are made with petro-chemicals and processes that release toxins.  Since we’ve accepted that, we also acknowledge what we can do.  What’s that they say, Accept the things you can not change and change the things you can.  That’s why we choose not to bring added chemicals in to our spaces.


We have another little secret too, we add house plants.  I’m about the brownest thumb out there, but having plants around scrubs the air, and with a little dedication, I can keep those stalks green.  It’s important to my health, just like drinking adequate water, using sunscreen and walking.  I can add watering once a week to the list.


**just so you know, if you purchase through any of these links, we may receive a commission, it helps us to keep providing quality products to our customers

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