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Finding the Best Volunteer Opportunity for You

Volunteer work is near and dear to our hearts here at The Healing Hippy. From being the volunteers, to needing volunteers we have so much appreciation for all that volunteers do for our communities. We also know how difficult it can be to find the perfect volunteering opportunity. There are just so many options to choose from. Nursing homes, animal shelters, cancer resource facilities, children sports, and nature preservation committees are just a few on the endless list of options. So how do you choose? We have a couple of tips for choosing and enjoying your volunteer work.

Choose an Activity you Enjoy

First and foremost, if you are going to use your time for volunteer work, find an activity that you enjoy. It wouldn’t make sense to volunteer at the animal shelter if you aren’t fond of animals. This may seem like common sense but oftentimes people end up volunteering for something they don’t love because they don’t know about the other opportunities. So, what do you love?  If you love gardening check out the parks and recreation committee in your community, they may have volunteer work. Another option for nature preservation would be organizations, such as Pheasants Forever, who build habitats. If you love walking or running, look for a 5k or a walk that supports a cause that you stand behind. You can have a very niche hobby and it is possible that there is a volunteer opportunity for it. So, make a list of interests and get on the fancy world wide web to get looking. Stay open, you may find the perfect opportunity where you least expect it.

Do it with Friends

Everything is better with friends! Choose a buddy, or four, that would enjoy the volunteer work with you. It is the perfect time to get together, catch up, and help your community. We do have a little “warning” on this note. Just like we suggested you find an activity that you enjoy, the same should be true for your friends. The opportunity you choose may not be your friend’s ideal opportunity. It’s okay to give a little nudge for them to join you, but if they aren’t going to enjoy it, it may be best to find somebody else who will. The same is said for when you get invited. If it is something you really don’t want to do, don’t do it. Volunteering is about assisting with something you stand behind and believe in. When people are forced to participate, they are more likely to complain which makes the activity less enjoyable for everybody. When you have an inspired and motivated group of volunteers you can move mountains. Find those friends that are mountain movers.

Volunteer because you want to, not because you feel obligated. There is a volunteer opportunity for everything. This makes it difficult choosing but use it to your advantage. In the end if there isn’t the opportunity you are looking for, could you be the one to start it?

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