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Hello, Spring Cleaning

It is spring and with the warmer weather comes the urge to clean house. If you are anything like us, the second you open the windows to let out the stale winter air you want to grab the cleaning supplies and go at it. If you don’t fall into the “itching to clean” group but feel like you should do something we can help you as well. The biggest problem for both groups is where to start. The next is what to clean. Here is a list of our spring-cleaning tasks as well as tips to make some of them easier.


-Wash bedding. For those of us in the colder climates we usually add an extra comforter or switch to flannel sheets for the winter. It’s spring now so give those sheets a wash and pull out the warmer weather bedding. After the bedding is washed, we recommend storing t in the plastic bag it came in when you purchased it. If it’s the sheets, drop them in to the matching pillowcases. This keeps it clean, folded, and out of way.
-Reorganize the closet. Goodbye coats and boots, hello shorts and sandals. Switch out your wardrobe to make it easier to get ready in the morning. This is also a great time to hang or fold items that may not have made it back where they were supposed to. Consider giving your winter shoes a wipe down to clean away any salt residue or winter grime to help the shoes last longer. And while you’re at it, pull those items off the hanger that never got worn this year and donate them to your favorite local charity, that’ll make the fall switch that much easier.
-Pick up the clutter. The side of the bed is a magical collection zone in our house. Water bottles, books, socks, hot water bottles all find their way to the side of the bed. Take a moment to find a home for those items, that isn’t the side of the bed.


-Wash your shower curtain and floor mat. These items can begin to smell a little funky when the temperature warms up. Humidity and heat are the perfect conditions for funk, and nobody has time for that.
-Clear the cabinet-Empty toothpaste, lotion, and makeup containers take up a good amount of space in the medicine cabinet. Get rid of them. This is also a great time to take a look at your medications and their expiration dates.
-Clean your mirror. You can’t look cute through a mirror covered in grime, give it a wipe and let your beauty shine! (A line from the new hit single, Clean Your Mirror) Use a coffee filter to remove the streaks left behind from the glass cleaner.


-Empty out the fridge and give it a clean. This task is far from enjoyable and it always blows our mind how dirty the fridge gets. How is it always so sticky? Do a full cleanout. Take everything out and give it a good wipe down.
-Scrub the sink. Hard water spots and general build up need a little elbow grease. Lemon juice and salt are a great way to shine stainless steel sinks without the chemicals.
-Check expiration dates. Are your cabinets also a portal to another dimension? We find things we don’t even remember buying. Take a look and get rid of items past their expiration.


-Clean the floors. Sweep, mop, and vacuum. This gets rid of dust and allergens and will make your house fresher.
-Change air filters. This not only keeps your air system efficient; it helps keep those nasty spring allergens from hanging in the air of your home.
-Wash the baseboards. Can’t say this is our favorite task but those baseboards get filthy. Use a dryer sheet to wipe off the built-up dust, it is simple and smells great.

We know that we just threw down a lot of tasks. The beautiful thing about it is that these are all suggestions. Items that usually get missed or put on the bottom of the list. Nothing says that you have to do them. We figured if you’ve caught the cleaning bug you may as well use it to your advantage. Happy spring cleaning!

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