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Home Spa Weekend

Another month is upon us and all we can think is, WOAH, what happened to the time? Do you feel this way? Like the last time you came up for some air was back in January. We get it. So how do we take a break in the midst of all the crazy? We have the perfect way to de-stress, unwind, and come up for air.

How about an at-home-spa-weekend. You may wonder how this is going to be helpful with the kids around and the to-do list growing at a rapid rate. Stick with us and we will tell you how to conduct the perfect spa retreat in the comfort of your own home.

Set the Date

First thing’s first, get this spa weekend on the schedule and commit to it. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. One, you won’t make any other plans and obligations and let the relaxation time slip to the wayside. Two, it allows you time to make plans. Whether that means purchasing the perfect face mask and maybe a bottle of wine or asking your partner to take the kids for a day to the zoo or a movie. Yes, we said it! Which leads us to the next point.

Ask for Alone Time

Ask your family and friends to give you a little space. It may look like you are just lounging at home, but it is time that you deserve. So, ask those around you to respect that. If your kids are old enough, let them know why you are doing it. It is a way to be a great role model for them to listen to what they need, even if that means just a little bit of quiet. If they are not, reach out to your partner or a friend for help. Ask if they would be willing to take the munchkins for a couple of hours to award you some time to yourself. You can spot them another time when they need it. It takes a village, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Always remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Set Aside the To-do List

You have the essentials (bath bomb, a good book, relaxing music, etc.), the house is as quiet as it is going to get, and there are no other social obligations, so how do you combat that pesky to-do list? Just simply don’t do it. For some this could be the hardest part, we get that. So, let’s talk about it. Is there anything on that list that is life or death? Not likely. The laundry doesn’t get done, time for the bottom of the drawer underwear. Groceries and food prep just didn’t happen. Go through the pantry and scavenge what you can, or order pizza. The kids won’t complain about that. Whatever is on that list can be moved to another day. Allow yourself one day, maybe two to just let it go. And whatever you do, know that your productivity does not measure your worth! Let me say that again. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR PRODUCTIVITY!

Maybe you have a whole weekend, maybe you have a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon. Whatever it is, slow down. Take that time for you to breathe. It is not only great for you, but for everybody around you. You are a light, you just sometimes have to recharge or change the batteries. If it seems like this year is flying by without much recollection of what is actually happening that is a sign you need a spa weekend. Take it Mama, you deserve it.

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