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Why We Love Fall

Hello, Fall! Are you one of those people who thinks that fall is the best season? You can’t get enough of crunchy leaves and pumpkin spiced everything? We might be part of that group as well! For us, winter is six months long, spring likely doesn’t happen, and summer is warm and humid, so fall is a great respite to all of that. The temperature is perfect, the colors are stunning, and the outdoor activities are abundant. If you are a little so, so about fall, let us convince you to enjoy it for all that it has to offer. It isn’t overrated, and here is why!

Autumn Activities

There should be a whole book about the activities that happen in the fall. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple orchards, Halloween, Thanksgiving, festivals; oh man, the list is endless. We also love that many of the activities promote local agriculture and businesses. There is just something about going to a local farm for a corn maze or pumpkin patch and seeing all the hard work they put in year-round. You also can’t beat the apple cider or pie made with fresh picked apples. If you have never been out to the activities your community has to offer, we suggest giving it a try. Jump online and check it out. Joy is in the air when you spend a beautiful Saturday at a farm with your community, especially if winter is coming soon. Get out there, breathe in the crisp air and enjoy. There is no feeling like it.

Bring on the Cozy

We can’t be the only ones excited to turn off the air conditioner, open the windows, and pull out the cozy sweaters and blankets. For some of us the cozy of the crisp air brings us comfort. The ability to step outside and not be sticky and hot unless scantily clad is a glorious feeling. Bring on the cardigans and scarves. The Nordic culture embraces the culture of Hygge [h(y)o͞oɡə] which is loosely translated as Cozy. Hot drinks, saunas, nature walks, blankets, candles, seasonal baking, friends, and fireplaces are a wonderful addition to the season. Get ready for the chill by embracing it and making your home a little cozy cave for friends and family to share stories and make memories.

Goal Season

Fall is the perfect time to get started on goals and dreams that have been sitting on the shelf while you enjoyed the summer sun. It offers a natural transition to begin to make plans and take steps towards bringing those goals to fruition. The kids are back to school, it is socially acceptable to stay inside for long amounts of time, and the crisp air brings a clarity and focus to the energy around us. So, we suggest you set some goals, make a plan, and get to it girlfriend! Why wait for New Years when the energy is right, right now!

If you already love fall, we hope this is just a lovely reminder as to why. For our fall skeptics we hope you can see why those around you are swooning over the season. Fun activities, cozy atmosphere, and the goal ready energy are just a few reasons we adore the Autumn. Let us know if we missed something! Why do you love fall?

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