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Simple Summer Activities

Summer is here which means school is most likely out of session. It is always such a fun time for the kids, but sure can be stressful for parents, am I right? That is a whole lot of time to figure out what to do with the kiddos. Do you send them to camp? Give them summer lesson plans? Fill their days with trips to the zoo or the waterpark? Keeping the children entertained is a full-time job all on its own. We can’t tell you what to do with them for the whole summer but, we can provide you a list of simple activities to fill their time when you just need to slow down.

Get Crafty

There is a reason elementary schools have crafts all the time. It stimulates their brains and everything they create is just so cute. It is also a great way to fill time. Consider these activities:

-Paint stones
-Sidewalk chalk or foam paint
-Paper crafts (ex. origami, paper dolls, paper mache)
-Macaroni Crafts (or other items you can find in the pantry)
-Make a kite
-Make a bird feeder

Get Outside

This is not only great for them, but also you! We could all use a little fresh air and sunshine from time to time.

-A color scavenger hunt
-Water balloon fight
-Excavate “Dinosaur” bones (these can be made with polymer clay)
-Make a solar oven
-Yard games (yes, we mean kick-the-can)
-Walk or bike ride
-Bird watching (there is just something to love about binoculars)

Get Bored

It is 100% okay for your children to be bored. It is actually good for them. School can be a lot to handle and it doesn’t allow for much time to goof off and just be. Think of it as a stimulation detox. They will find something to do. When we allow them time for nothing, we allow their imagination to shine through. They may turn the couch into an “airplane” or decide their stuffed animals are the best soccer team to exist. Let them imagine. Let them create, it is part of their light.

Whether you put on the greatest summer activities or let them be bored for must of the summer, just remember you are doing a great job. Don’t let summer be a stress fest. School will start again in no time. Enjoy the weather, enjoy your family, enjoy the time. The children won’t remember the details, they will remember the smiling face that was there with them having fun.

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